The magic of Upcycling

Mirella & Nicole


The mission of the Misfoot brothers is to inspire people and start a conversation, so that they contribute to the circular economy and raise respect for the planet, and the materials we put on it.

Nikos Dermitzakis

Nikos Dermitzakis still seeks, through his forged handmade creations, his emotion and immediate challenge.

The art of forging

Visual Creation

Sakis Papayannis

Sakis Papagianni’s works, like the heroes of the tragedy, are in constant dialogue with the viewer.

Dimitris Trakosas

Dimitris Trakosas is a fresh and promising Greek comic designer He recently launched his own comic book series Guagua with which he gives us the opportunity to get lost in the illustrations, sketches, graphic novels and webcomics

Comic Designer

Silk with a name

Giorgos Tsiakiris

Giannis Tseklenis had the opportunity to create a mini collection of all-silk scarves in three colors (coral, blue and olive), which highlights the designer’s characteristic style: Greek elements in vibrant colors. The scarves were digitally printed by Giorgos Tsiakiris, the longtime partner of Yiannis Tseklenis and the continuation of the homonymous silk industry in Soufli

Giorgos Pennas

Giorgos Pennas is a talented painter, who lives and creates incredibly large-scale works in Corfu. He studied at the Art School of Corfu continuing his studies at the Rouyal Art School of London and the Academy of Naples – Italy.

Art of Living

The Art of Porcelain

Thomas Fragkos

Thomas Fragkos is active in the trade and decoration of Porcelain & Glass, both functional and decorative, as well as special prints, custom design.

George Vidalis

His works are characterized by expert critics of Art as inspiring, unique, with a special look. He is the initiator and creator of the series “Happy Lordies People” and “Forms”.

Contemporary Art