Thomas Fragos

Thomas Fragos is active in the trade and decoration of Porcelain & Glass, both functional and decorative, as well as special prints, custome design. His business is purely Greek, family-run. He has great experience in his field but also his love for this precious material, led him to create unique collections.

It is our daily request to satisfy the different demands of our customers, to adapt our quality products to your needs and to develop the perfect enjoyment of coffee, tea and chocolate.

He himself tells us that the delicate result of the art of porcelain, which you create from clay and glass, gives unique porcelain objects, which often touch the feeling of absolute finesse and elegance.

They require time, art and, above all, passion for the final result. Once mined, the clay must mature exposed to the elements for 100 years.

This is how long it takes to become extremely fine to create porcelain. So the journey of porcelain art is long, lost in the depths of centuries, but at the same time it creates a sense of your worship, to those who decide to engage in it.

The refined art of porcelain is one of the arts that does not submit to the limits of creativity. Therefore, loving the precious material, he travels daily in the streets of elegance, creating unique collections.

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