Giorgos Pennas

Giorgos Pennas is a talented painter, who lives and creates incredibly large-scale works in Corfu. He studied at the Art School of Corfu continuing his studies at the Royal Art School of London and the Academy of Naples – Italy.

He is known for the way he renders the majesty of nature with his palette, enlarging the microcosm of flowers and “capturing” the optimistic light of seascapes on large-scale canvases. He certainly does not bring anything new to Art, but he himself has no such intention. Through his works, however, he presents his honest personal look, a loving look towards his place but also for the wonderful rich world of flowers.

His collaboration with Gruppogemello’s Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation Shop gave a new way to create a series of utilitarian objects, as well as numbered copies of small circulation, thus enabling the spread of his works to people who love Art and want to join it. in their daily lives.

Recently The “Art of Living” campaign of the “Ionian Experience” project team digitally presented the complete profile of the painter

Accessible to everyone via the internet is George Penna’s digital exhibition on “Spring” as part of the campaign “Art of Living” created in the form of stereoscopic VR, Web-VR, and Video by the research and creative team of the project Ionian Experience που αποτελείται από μια σύμπραξη μεταξύ ερευνητών και δημιουργών προερχόμενων από Πανεπιστημιακά Ιδρύματα και τον ιδιωτικό τομέα.

Giorgos Pennas 1 768x941
Giorgos Pennas 2 768x1024